Keywords – The Key To Success In Search Engine Marketing

Be it search engine optimization or pay per click ads, keywords play a major role in search engine marketing. It is because of the relevancy of your keywords that your website is included in the search engines and is reflected on the resulting pages. Just in case your website was not optimized with the right keywords, it would neither appear in the search engine nor, would it attract visitors. There are a number of things that you need to keep in mind before you begin optimizing your search engine marketing strategy.

Survey Your Industry

When considering optimization of keywords in your SEM plans, it is advised that you first do a complete research of your industry. Find out the different keywords that can be used and are currently in practice in your industry. It is important that your search engine marketing be apt to your industry demands, so that it is easy to track your website when doing a search on your industry type websites.

Discover Niche Areas

While finding logically based search results, it is important that you concentrate on the niche market as well. It is hard to attract traffic from high demand keywords, as there is already too much of rush on these keywords. On the other hand if you have a niche keyword, which is unique to the industry and supports your site content as well, it will be easier to call for traffic from these sites.

Do a Dummy Test

While you are researching on the keywords, one thing that you should always remember is the average count of traffic you can expect. When you select a keyword, do a dummy test of the keyword on various search engines like Yahoo, MSN, Google etc. to check the popularity of the keywords. This will give you a fair idea of the kind of traffic you can expect from these sites. The numbers do not really match always but it does give you an approximate which, helps in drawing the framework of your search engine marketing [] plan.

Check Ad Content

Content matters. It is not important to have the top position in the search engines only. Along with the top keywords and a high rank it is the content of your keywords advertisement in the search engines that also affects search engine marketing. If your ad content is supporting your keyword and is able to describe the objective of your website, you have won the battle. But if your content is misleading it will only mislead your campaign and badly affect your search engine marketing plan.

Make use of the above keywords strategies which will help you in your search engine marketing techniques and enhance the performance of your websites.

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Promote Your Business With Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing

SEM is the process of building and marketing a site with the goal of improving its position in search engine results. SEM includes (SEO) and paid search advertising.

Let’s take a simple comparison between marketing and advertising:

Direct marketing: You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You went up to her and say “I am very rich. Marry me”.

Advertising: You are at a party with a bunch of friends and see a gorgeous girl. One of your friends goes up to her and pointing at you says, “He is very rich. Marry him”.

Understand the difference and decide upon your advertising campaign.

Some of the major search engines that dominate the web today are Google, Yahoo, Bing. People search for their needs on the internet via these search engines, before making a buying decision. Hence, SEM is important even if a business does not sell products directly on the internet. It helps to provide your business details to the lead and they contact you for further details.

Search Engine Marketing is the key to success of a business:

A SEO website is a year-round performer, one can achieve more revenue through higher search engine rankings. A keyword analysis is performed for both SEO and SEM, but not necessarily at the same time. How much presence a website has on search engines, can be analyzed through the number of pages of the site that are indexed on search engines (saturation) and how many back links the site has (popularity).

The growing sophistication of search engine software enables to precisely describe the information that we seek. There are 5 – 6 times more online purchases made from traffic delivered by search engines compared to banner advertising. With the help of SEM, traffic to your website increases with increase in ranking. By leveraging search engine marketing, your business will get more leads and able to scale to a greater height.

Although SEM strategy takes lot of time and effort, it is well worth the results which you will achieve. Internet never sleeps, so forget about cold callings and knocking on doors. Someone who is looking for ways to generate online cash must resort to SEM. Unless the famous search engines notice your website; it is useless. As marketers, we should learn how to harness the true power of the online realm, it doesn’t matter yours is a small business or a fortune 500 company.

The other important thing to note is that, the quality of traffic from search engines is much greater than from other sources of online advertising. Each search engine has different ways to determine which site will rank well for the keywords used. Search engines are answer machines. When a person looks for something online, it requires the search engines to scour their corpus of billions of documents and do two things – first, it returns the relevant or useful result to the searcher’s query, and second, ranks those results in order of perceived usefulness.

Pay per click (PPC) is a marketing system, in which the advertiser pays when the user clicks on advertisement and goes to its site. This is one of the interactive methods compared to paying just for the placement of a banner ad on a web page. PPC advertising has gained profound importance and provides astonishing results to leading companies who are already considered brand names at present. But the fact is that it’s not easy to achieve in a PPC campaign if you lack the tactics to stand out. The ad should be designed in such a way that it should have the capability to attract more visitors and make them too keen to know more about it. The relevancy of your ad should be good enough, so that you can display information on numerous pages. If you have brand new site and want to tell visitors about it, pay per click is the best way for you to do it. Pay per click campaign is a very potent weapon in your internet marketing and can generate instant sales, provided it should be in right context.

Social Media Marketing is the best tool for online promotion

Social media marketing is the most powerful communication tool over the internet. When you promote your products and services through social media channels, it definitely helps you so that you can increase your return on investment or ROI. There is no better way or an even cheaper way than a social media channel when it comes to announcing new products or services for your company, it also allows to discover your customer preference which in turn helps you to enhance all your marketing products and plan your marketing campaigns more effectively. Using social media not only increases reliability, but also effectively increases revenue and also number of customers. Even if your business isn’t active on social media, your competition almost certainly is. So make the best use of social media marketing and search engine marketing tools for your website promotion.

If your social media marketing is not well planned and executed, it may end in a disaster. Different sites use different social media channels, depending upon the nature of the websites and its products. There is no other better and easy way than the social media sites to inform the customers about arrival or release of new products and services.

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What You Need To Consider For Ecommerce Planning

Ecommerce planning requires a dedicated approach to scope and bound the functional requirements of the business. An organizations web presence will depend on its goals and objectives. This in turn will define the technology and platform required for the execution stages, the marketing initiatives, support personnel and ancillary requirements to bring the plan to fruition.

Before you commence the build stage it is important to have a written ecommerce project plan. This includes undertaking feasibility, requirements and business evaluation. The project should be shaped to integrate with existing business processes. You therefore need to determine the extent of any back office integration or legacy system integration. The design and technology used will accommodate business process requirements. For example, a comprehensive online store may be required to interface with an existing inventory management system. It is important to define business requirements adequately because it will be used by developers to interpret the ecommerce project plan and for reference during the testing phase to check that the project implementation meets the original stakeholder objectives.

The interface design of ecommerce planning will need to accommodate the project functional and end user requirements. Online ecommerce projects have extensive database integration and must trade off the design to be search engine friendly. The layout is usually first conceptualized using a series of screen shots to form a visual representation of the project. Company branding defines the look and feel of the interface. There are usually some tradeoffs that take place during this stage to meet the multiple competing requirements for the project.

The choice of platform used will usually depend on what is supported internally within the organization or externally by the web development company. The choice of payment gateway provider will also factor into the development process. The development team responsible for coding the project needs to have a technical document that defines the requirements of the project. The ecommerce plan needs to be tightly defined specification wise and interpretation wise so that costly overruns are avoided during the implementations stage.

When the interface and coding has been finalized, extensive functional, usability and security testing is undertaken. This is to check that the site is robust, meets the project goals and objectives and can handle stress and platform tests. The test objectives are specified in the ecommerce plan. When final adjustments have been made, the project is deployed.

The marketing initiatives of the ecommerce plan will become important after the project has been launched. A separate and detailed plan will need to be developed for this and the company now needs to switch from the development mode to the promotion mode.

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Improving The Usability Of An Ecommerce Website – Stage 3, Informing The Users Where They Are

A huge problem with users not converting online is the usability of the ecommerce software or website. Many users are put off by the complicated ordering process and funnel systems that are not helpful when making a sale online. A general web user will know what they want before even arriving on your website and it is your job as an online business to make the sale process as easy as possible for the user to buy your product. Many potential customers get lost within an ecommerce solution that is over complicated and does not use a friendly system that the customer will enjoy and understand.

A lot of ecommerce software that is currently on the market do not utilise the user-friendly guidelines that should be adopted by all ecommerce solutions. In some cases it is left up to the web designer to build the site and make it work but most of the time web designers do not know the best techniques to make the customers convert and therefore generate you a profit. This is left up to online marketing experts to pick up the pieces and make the best of a poor user-friendly website.

In the next step for generating a user-friendly ecommerce solution we look at keeping the users informed of where they are at all times. This may sound like a simple web technique but many businesses still have not inserted this into their ecommerce solution.

Let us take the example of travelling on a journey, you will have a destination, in this case to buy a product, but you are on a website that does not tell you how far you have gone or how far you still have to go. An online business should tell the user exactly where they are at all times in the order process and how many steps is needed to reach their destination. If the user does not know where they are or what has to be done they will become confused and more importantly frustrated and leave the shopping basket. New ecommerce software makes it easy for you to set up these ordering steps, which is a major step forward as any online business needs to apply this to be a more user-friendly site.

Keeping users happy is one of the major problems an ecommerce solution faces, the happier the user, the more chance the odds of converting and getting the sale. Letting users know exactly where they are at all stages is a simple process and is incorporated in new ecommerce software. The 5 step simple procedure is usually login, delivery details, delivery options, payment options and confirmation. These steps should be clearly marked as a ‘breadcrumb trail’ at the top of the ordering process for the user to follow. If the user is a repeat customer then the process can be even shorter as their details should already be saved within your ecommerce software.

By telling the user where they are on your website they have a better understating of products and the ordering process and are more likely to convert as there is no need for them to go off the structured trail of the website. The more familiar the user is with ordering online then the more chances of that user converting. By providing a structured trail of events leading to the sale the user will have all the information they need and no need to search for it.

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Methods to Enhance Your E-Commerce Consumer Return Policy

Are you an E-Commerce entrepreneur? Yes! Business is booming for your industry because of the pandemic, as many among the general public prefer to shop online. The competition is tough, but your E-Commerce site has made inroads and you are making profit. The reason, you sell quality products, and have recruited an excellent team. But, of late, you find a reduction in profits, and when surveyed, the auditing team finds it is due to products returned from the customer. In this article, let us discuss the methods to enhance your e-commerce consumer return policy.

As a retail owner, you need to accept the fact, product returns can happen in any business, online or offline. Yet, you can turn the odds in your favour by improving your E-Commerce customer return policy. Please check the top four points that have been time-tested by E-Commerce entrepreneurs to optimize their revenue.

1. Transparent Policy

Your E-Commerce store should contain links of your Customer Return Policy in prominent locations on every web page. The links should be easy to find and the content should have a step-by-step summary about the ways to handle a return. Words conveying the message in a friendly tone displayed with icons & images can go a long way in enhancing the customer experience.

2. Time Limit

You need to have various timelines for different products. For a Specs Frame, you can give the customer a 30 to 90 day return time. Also, you need to inform your customer care team not to follow the harsh rules. If a customer wants to return the product on the 31st day for a 30-day policy, you need to honour the customer’s expectation. You can end up getting a loyal lifetime customer for your products.

3. Refund Policy

You need to provide information on the type of refunds, exchange policies, or store coupons to purchase for another product or other options in your return policy. You prevent the blame game if the customer knows the specific conditions.

4. Free Return Shipping

Majority expect the E-Commerce retailer to provide free return shipping for the products. Yes, your profit can take a hit, but you can reduce the burden. You can state, that free return shipping is available if the consumer purchases products above a specific sum. By this method, you will not be losing more money on return shipping when compared to the value of the products.


Before making any changes in the existing Customer Return Policy, check the competitor’s websites and the Government Laws. Select the best part, ask your content writers to rephrase in their own words and then publish in the website. But, you should keep changing the terms and conditions as per the recent trends. Instead of visualizing the return as the end of relationship with the customer, work on the process by offering a never-before relaxing experience which can make him/her come back for more and become a part of your loyal online community.

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QQTOTO88 Slot Togel: Platform Terpercaya untuk Bermain Togel Online


QQTOTO88 adalah salah satu platform terpopuler untuk bermain qq toto togel online dan slot games di Indonesia. Platform ini menawarkan banyak permainan dari provider game ternama seperti Pragmatic Play, Habanero, Playtech, dan masih banyak lagi. Selain itu, QQTOTO88 juga menawarkan taruhan judi bola online dan live casino.

Banyak pemain togel online dan slot games memilih QQTOTO88 karena keamanan dan kepercayaannya yang tinggi. Selain itu, platform ini juga menawarkan berbagai jenis bonus dan promosi menarik yang dapat meningkatkan peluang kemenangan Anda. Berikut ini beberapa fitur dan keuntungan yang ditawarkan oleh QQTOTO88.

Fitur-fitur QQTOTO88:

Pilihan Permainan Togel Online dan Slot Games

QQTOTO88 menawarkan banyak pilihan permainan togel online dan slot games dengan berbagai tema dan fitur menarik. Anda dapat memilih dari berbagai jenis permainan seperti 2D, 3D, 4D, Toto Macau, Dragon Tiger, dan banyak lagi. Selain itu, QQTOTO88 juga menawarkan slot games dengan jackpot progresif seperti Aztec Gems, Great Rhino Megaways, dan Wolf Gold.

Keamanan dan Privasi

QQTOTO88 menjamin privasi dan keamanan para pemainnya dengan menggunakan teknologi enkripsi SSL 128-bit untuk melindungi transaksi dan informasi pribadi. Selain itu, platform ini juga memiliki layanan pelanggan yang tersedia 24/7 untuk membantu menjawab pertanyaan atau masalah apapun yang mungkin timbul.

Bonus dan Promosi

QQTOTO88 menawarkan berbagai jenis bonus dan promosi seperti bonus deposit, bonus referral, cashback, dan banyak lagi. Semua bonus dan promosi ini dapat meningkatkan peluang kemenangan Anda dan memberikan pengalaman bermain yang lebih menyenangkan.

Metode Pembayaran yang Aman dan Mudah

QQTOTO88 menawarkan metode pembayaran yang aman dan mudah seperti transfer bank, e-wallet, dan pulsa. Platform ini juga menjamin proses penarikan dana yang cepat dan mudah.

Keuntungan Bermain di QQTOTO88:

Peluang Kemenangan yang Besar

QQTOTO88 menawarkan peluang kemenangan yang besar dengan hadiah jackpot yang mencapai ratusan juta rupiah. Dalam permainan slot games, QQTOTO88 menawarkan jackpot progresif yang terus meningkat seiring dengan jumlah taruhan yang dipasang.

Kemudahan Akses

QQTOTO88 dapat diakses dari mana saja dan kapan saja melalui komputer atau perangkat mobile. Platform ini juga menggunakan teknologi responsif untuk memastikan tampilan yang optimal pada semua jenis perangkat.

Layanan Pelanggan yang Tersedia 24/7

QQTOTO88 memiliki layanan pelanggan yang tersedia 24/7 melalui live chat dan email. Tim dukungan pelanggan yang profesional dan responsif siap membantu menjawab pertanyaan atau masalah apapun yang mungkin timbul.

Keamanan dan Privasi yang Tinggi

QQTOTO88 menjaga privasi dan keamanan para pemainnya dengan menggunakan teknologi enkripsi SSL 128-bit untuk melindungi transaksi dan informasi pribadi. Platform ini juga memiliki sertifikat lisensi resmi dari PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation).


QQTOTO88 adalah platform terpercaya untuk bermain togel online dan slot games di Indonesia. Platform ini menawarkan banyak jenis permainan dengan fitur dan tema yang menarik serta peluang kemenangan yang besar. Selain itu, QQTOTO88 juga menjamin keamanan dan privasi para pemainnya dengan teknologi enkripsi SSL 128-bit.

Jika Anda mencari platform yang aman dan terpercaya untuk bermain togel online dan slot games, QQTOTO88 adalah pilihan yang tepat. Dengan layanan pelanggan yang tersedia 24/7, metode pembayaran yang mudah, dan bonus dan promosi yang menarik, QQTOTO88 dapat memberikan pengalaman bermain yang menyenangkan dan menguntungkan.

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The Top 10 Don’ts of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the method of marketing in which we use various electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. It also entails the usage of software programs, apps and technological platforms such as email, websites, social media, etc. The world of digital marketing is a vast one in which we can easily get lost.

Because of all the advances and changes in technology, it can be hard to keep up on all the latest trends and methods encompassed by digital marketing. Digital marketing strategies include visual marketing, mobile marketing, and online marketing techniques of various kinds so it can all get very confusing and overwhelming.

We not only need to know what to do in the digital marketing world, we have to know what not to do. Below is a list of ten of the don’ts to hopefully help you trek through the massive digital marketing universe.

1. Closing Your Eyes on Mobile Marketing – The number of people who spend more time on the web with mobile devices is growing at a astounding rate. If you own an online business, you can no longer resist mobile devices as part of your digital marketing arsenal. The first step would be to make your website mobile device friendly. Many site builder programs such as WordPress have plugins and automatic features to do that for you. You can also add a line of code to your site that will format your site to the device being used. Be sure to try your website on your mobile devices to find out exactly how people are seeing it. Go through the mobile shopping experience yourself so you have a full understanding of what you need to do.

2. Too Much Social Media – Social media is so much a part of the internet these days it is impossible to expect to build a presence on all of the social sites. You need to pick 2 or 3 of the top sites and start building your brand and setting up your social presence. The most used social sites as of now are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. I get most of my social traffic from Facebook and Pinterest. Next in line is Google+, Tumblr and Instagram. If you can understand your target market you can become a part of the social sites in which they would most likely participate.

3. Information Overload – The digital marketing world is so vast we can easily become lost in the information. I, as well as many others, get caught in the trap of spending too much time gathering information from countless sources on various aspects of building an online business. We need to narrow our focus and learn only what we need to learn to successfully build our business. Find a few good sources for this information and stick with them to learn the ins and outs.

4. Not Having a User-Friendly Website – Many of us are tempted to create the biggest, brightest, flashiest website possible but this is a big mistake. You want your site design to be simple, easy to navigate and very user-friendly. Add only what is needed to inform your customers. You do want to add some extra content to provide information to your visitors but make sure it directly pertains to what your site is about. Do not clutter up your site with countless ads, irrelevant information or extra steps to get to your call to action. Fancy features and flashy extras will just confuse your customer and possibly drive them to another site.

5. Not Keeping Up with SEO Changes – SEO is very pertinent to your website but the rules and regulations are always changing. Find a good source of SEO information and follow it regularly to keep up with the changes so you can make any necessary revisions to your business website.

6. Not Utilizing Visual Marketing – By using visual marketing, you could increase your conversion rate by as much as 86%. This is a phenomenal statistic. Place a video on your landing and/or homepage. Strategically place quality graphics in your blog posts and content. Use visuals as much as possible in your social media marketing. Create and use your own infographics for your blog and social media. There are free tools for making infographics. Use a compelling photo or graphic in your articles. It could mean the difference between your article being read or rejected. Look over articles with photos. Does the photo pull you into the article and make you want to read it or does it leave you flat. Take note of the type of image used and what emotion or action it brings out in you. Placing a well-made video on your homepage or landing page will make a substantial difference as well. People will get the message much quicker than by reading and could be the deciding factor as to whether they stay or go. Be entertaining in the video but be sure to deliver your message. Your image and voice will also help your potential customer bond with you. You also want to get started in a fairly new visual marketing technique called meme marketing. This combines humor and real life situations with amusing and/or heartwarming images.

7. Not Testing and Tracking – Take advantage of Google’s free tools to study your stats and track your visitors. Google Analytics can help you tweak your site to its performance peak. Test ads, web pages, article resource boxes, etc. Find out what brings the best results and most response and stick with it.

8. Not Establishing the Relationship – Doing business with people digitally is much different than being able to talk with them face to face. It is harder for people to trust a webpage than an actual person so be sure to do all you can to build that relationship of trust and respect. Answer all email inquiries quickly and appropriately. Be reliable – if you say you are going to do something, be sure to do it. Be consistent – if you are sending out a weekly newsletter do not get lax and start missing weeks. Update your blog and product information regularly. Do not let your site go stale. Be consistent in your social media. Respond to all questions and comments in a timely manner. Let people know you are available for them and can be trusted.

9. Focusing too Much on Traffic and Not Enough on Conversions – Traffic is the lifeblood of an online business but you also need to focus on quality and targeted traffic. Getting 1000 visitors to your site doesn’t do much good if they are not interested in what you offer. Participate in groups and forums where people who are interested in your services might be. If you offer B2B products and services, join groups and forums of home business owners. We all want more traffic but we need to aim for the traffic to whom we can actually sell.

10. Charging Blindly Into the Marketing Abyss – Starting an online business and charging headfirst into the digital marketing world is not a good idea. You need to do some planning ahead and research what you are getting into. Know who your customers will be and where to find them. Make sure you are offering a sellable product or service. Be somewhat prepared for your dive into the digital marketing world.

These mistakes are very common but need to be addressed. If you are attempting to build an online business you need to be informed and constantly be adapting and learning. Digital marketing has come a long way since the early 90s and we need to grow and develop with it. It will be overwhelming at times but you can work to overcome and build a successful online business.

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What Can Marketing Make You?

When it comes to business, spending money on things with an unpromised, unspecified or uncertain return is a tough pill to swallow. Most business owners budget very carefully – they want to know what they’re spending their money on and why; how their money is working for them. Marketing is one of those gray areas where, especially for the not-totally-new-school business owner, it can be difficult to grasp the concept of allocating large amounts of dollars toward something you only hope will work in the end.

That’s why a business mindset of scarcity is much more common than one of abundance – because when the results are unpredictable, it’s easier to just stick with what you’ve got. But instead of asking, “what will marketing cost me?” more business owners are exploring the possibilities that emerge when they ask, “what will marketing make me?” And I’m here to tell you.

The reason why more companies (and small businesses in particular) are opening up their minds – and their wallets – to a new way of thinking is because they have most likely found at least one of the following five things to be true:

1. Marketing Makes You Money

Sure, marketing costs money. But it’s not supposed to be a blindfolded spend frenzy. If you know enough about marketing to test the waters with some high-value organic techniques that will get you a lot of mileage, then go for it, by all means. This will help inform your strategy down the road so that you have an idea of the areas where you need help, and so that you can reasonably predict your marketing expenditure.

However, if you seek the advice of a professional, the right marketer will set your mind at ease by not expecting you to dump huge amounts of money into their accounts up front and by explaining each strategy they propose, as well as why they’re priced the way they are. Then they’ll put together a quote which should not only align with your goals, but illustrate the anticipated return in proportion to the suggested spend.

Let’s face it, ‘marketing’ is a broad term but, in essence, the purpose of any marketing strategy is to get you found. Your product or service will only make you money if it is used by people, and awareness precedes use, wouldn’t you say? Whether you employ digital marketing methods such as building a great website, blogging, email marketing, social media, and paid ads; or go old-school with direct mail, circular ads, door-to-door advertising, and cold-calling, the intent is the same: get people to buy from you.

Marketing, when done right, should bring opportunities to your sales force, traffic to your website, and rings to your phone. Ask yourself: if you don’t have a website, then how are you getting found? How long will your current strategy be sustainable? Will it help you grow? If you have a website but it’s not bringing you business, then it isn’t working. Word of mouth success is wonderful, but do you have a plan in place for customer retention and acquisition? The answer shouldn’t be “how much will marketing cost me?” but rather, “how much do I want to make and how can marketing get me there?”

2. Marketing Makes You Reputable

How many times have you visited an establishment based on a word-of-mouth recommendation from a friend? Probably quite a few. Ever been somewhere really fantastic that you wouldn’t have otherwise selected if not for a positive review? Exactly! It doesn’t matter if people love your business if they’re not spreading the word, and a digital presence makes it much easier for your great reviews to be found by the masses. Publishing testimonials and success stories on your website is a wonderful way to market yourself and show prospects that they can trust your brand just like other customers have. Furthermore, getting yourself listed on well-known and highly trafficked directory sites makes it easy for people to do their homework before they buy – which is an integral part of the customer satisfaction experience.

3. Marketing Makes You Credible

Not to be confused with reputation, credibility is a major factor in many buyers’ decisions. How do you distinguish yourself from competitors? What makes you more of an expert on your particular field or subject area? What sets your product apart? Well, don’t tell me – tell the world! You need a platform from which you can showcase your skills, expertise, or must-have product.

Blogging and social media marketing are excellent ways to use your own unique voice to educate buyers and demonstrate thought leadership without always delivering an overtly hard sell. People like information, and they’re more likely to trust you if the information you provide is relevant to their problems, needs and experiences in such a way that makes them want to come back and keep getting information from you (instead of just hearing your sales pitch and then leaving to continue shopping around elsewhere). This is especially vital for less well-known companies that don’t have as much publicized feedback or presence. In order to stand up against your competitors, you must demonstrate credibility.

4. Marketing Makes You Accessible

It’s one thing to have a website. But if you’re just starting out or if no one knows your name, it’s not enough to just have a website. How are you driving traffic to that website? Waiting and hoping are not measurable techniques that deliver results. You need a strategy, and you need SEO.

Maybe you’ve heard of search engine optimization (surely you’ve used that little thing called Google). Basically, SEO is tied into the design and function of your website so that search engines (like Google) can display your content to people who are looking for related information. If your website isn’t optimized, then it’s just sitting there. Sure, someone can type your URL and probably even search for your business name on Google – if they know your name. But if you’ve got a niche product or service or you’re brand new to an area, no one will know to do that. You need your company or product to pop up in the search results whenever someone types in “Philadelphia wedding photographer,” or “men’s custom tailored vintage suits” (you get the idea).

5. Marketing Makes You Attractive

This should be self-explanatory. Let’s be honest, we do tend to judge books by their covers, and we are (even if ever so slightly) biased toward companies – and people – who present themselves well. Marketing and branding are all around you. If you’re anything like me, you’re a sucker for the pretty packaging in the cosmetics aisle at Target (or the highly visible promise of a product that does it all, is portable, and comes with a warranty).

The same goes for your brand identity, whether you’re a large organization or a music teacher! The way you present yourself to the masses will play an important role in the amount of opportunity that converts to business. Online presence is becoming so important that it’s almost unacceptable to have a sub-par website. For people who still use business cards (and who aren’t constrained by corporate marketing guidelines), being memorable and capturing someone’s attention with a 3.5-inch piece of paper requires some creativity. What’s on the cover is not always a measure of what’s inside, but the cover should at least make someone want to open the book. The way your business appears to others is a reflection of the way your business will eventually appear to your banker.

Lack of Marketing Costs You Everything

Short of quoting JFK for emphasis, there’s really no other way I can say it (you got it, right? Please tell me you got it). Don’t wait around doing cost analysis and pinching pennies. While you’re doing that, your competition is outperforming you. A marketing strategy doesn’t have to cost thousands. Figure out what you can spend and shop around. Start small: any improvement is a good investment. You can always scale up when your initial investment pays off.

Of course, marketing isn’t the only ingredient for success. You should also deliver great customer service, quality, value, and purpose. Marketing attracts customers, but it’s your responsibility to keep them around. Remember – the internet provides complete freedom of speech. Once you build a presence, it will be just as easy for people to find negative feedback about you if it exists. In this way, let a marketing strategy hold you accountable to your business for stepping up your game in every way. You owe it to your company, and perhaps even your livelihood.

So, in short, become easy to find, add content that makes people glad they found you, let the world know how satisfied your customers are, and present your business in the most appealing way possible and you’ll see why a focused marketing strategy pays off more than sticking to the status quo. You and your business can become these five things and more – just embrace it!

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Five Qualities Ensuring Marketing Strategy Success

Marketing is itself a strategy and so no marketing plan is completely fool-proof. There are some qualities that must be met to be able to consider it effective and this will help in converting customers to make marketing successful. A marketing plan is a frame work that must be followed to transform into a killer strategy. Here are five qualities proving its abilities in the marketing strategy.

Focus on the product

Product focus is not simple as it always is focused towards the market. The product varies in demand depending on the age, gender and trend. In case it is about clothing, then women in 50s if they are working would prefer formal, quality and semi formal dresses, while the younger adults may have a different focus on the product. In case you also have shoes to offer, you can help women show how they can look tall and in this way this will include shorter women who would love to gain height, thus your marketing focus widens more effectively.

Focus on the market

The market focus should be defined. It is impossible to please everyone and if you try doing so, you are going to be under severe pressure and eventually result in losses. Focus on the market fashion, but decide first if your focus is with male or female and without fail consider the age factor. By focusing on the market you will see the likes of your target audience. The other factors worth considering are the purchasing power of your audiences. If you find there is a diverse taste, set your goals by dividing, choosing and conquer the market.

Have measurable information

Anything to be marketed should be quantifiable and must be ideally in numbers. Include all the details, major and minor as detail information has a crucial role in marketing. A strategy is a must for any good marketing plan to see success. The plan that is the marketing strategy should be measurable to know the ROI. If your business is new, you can have both marketing plans, short and long. They can be interconnected. However, ensure the goals are attainable.

Accountability and responsibility

Marketing strategy is about being accountable and this in combination with responsibility alone paves way to success and to attain better results. Marketing plan fails to work in groups than individuals. It is best for each individual to have a specific task and to bring good results. At the same time paying attention to individual’s accountability helps you keep a vigilant eye on their handling of responsibilities. Without fail reprimand the failures and do not forget to reward the achievers. A perfect marketing plan requires absolute involvement that one must be committed to it. Each person should know their job and also should be aware of the outcomes.


A marketing strategy is a planning process and an effective marketing plan handles everything from tracking performance to setting goals and measuring the units quantifiable. However, regular reviewing and revision is essential. Do not wait until the last day, keep reviewing regularly and change the plans in-between if essential.

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Scope of Digital Marketing and Its Career Opportunities in India

Organizations in India are changing their marketing strategies. From the time of traditional ways of marketing, today, every organization’s key marketing strategy is digital marketing. The scope of digital marketing is so vast in India, it has created an array of career opportunities.

With almost a fourth of the country’s population holding a smart phone in their hands with unlimited internet access, marketing agencies are finally realizing how important it is to concentrate their budget and resources on digital marketing in India, especially its mobile marketing aspect. Long gone are the days when companies with their sky high marketing budgets used to think about just billboards and hoardings, print media ads, TV and radio ads, etc. To stay ahead of the competition and survive such competitive times, a lot of startups are not even thinking about traditional marketing.

Companies, whose sole purpose is to promote their brand name, are trying to push their product or service, especially through advertising on social media platforms. On the other hand, companies who’re trying to sell their product or service are doing it through, “Pull marketing”, i.e., advertising on search engines, where the users or the consumers know their requirements. This example may not always be true.

Now, talking about the career opportunities in digital marketing in India, there are a lot of fields in online marketing you can choose from. Some of them are, search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), social media marketing and optimization (SMM & SMO), email marketing, content marketing, digital analytics and many more. The scope of internet marketing in India is so vast, it has spread from metropolitan cities to tier 2 cities in India. You don’t really need a degree to start your career in internet marketing, but to expertise in any aspect of digital marketing, from your journey as a digital marketing intern to digital marketing manager, you need professional guidance.

Let’s discuss job roles once you have decided on your specialization.

Search Engine Optimization Manager: As an SEO manager, you’re responsible for optimizing the website for ranking higher in the search engine results through on page as well as off page techniques.

Pay Per Click Manager: A PPC manager manages the marketing of the desired website pages on a search engine or even social media, trying to get a lower cost per click (CPC).

Digital Analytics Manager: As a digital analytics manager, you’ll be expected to analyze data from all possible relevant sources and bring necessary changes to the digital campaigns.

Read more about the scope of digital marketing in India.

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