Improving The Usability Of An Ecommerce Website – Stage 3, Informing The Users Where They Are

A huge problem with users not converting online is the usability of the ecommerce software or website. Many users are put off by the complicated ordering process and funnel systems that are not helpful when making a sale online. A general web user will know what they want before even arriving on your website and it is your job as an online business to make the sale process as easy as possible for the user to buy your product. Many potential customers get lost within an ecommerce solution that is over complicated and does not use a friendly system that the customer will enjoy and understand.

A lot of ecommerce software that is currently on the market do not utilise the user-friendly guidelines that should be adopted by all ecommerce solutions. In some cases it is left up to the web designer to build the site and make it work but most of the time web designers do not know the best techniques to make the customers convert and therefore generate you a profit. This is left up to online marketing experts to pick up the pieces and make the best of a poor user-friendly website.

In the next step for generating a user-friendly ecommerce solution we look at keeping the users informed of where they are at all times. This may sound like a simple web technique but many businesses still have not inserted this into their ecommerce solution.

Let us take the example of travelling on a journey, you will have a destination, in this case to buy a product, but you are on a website that does not tell you how far you have gone or how far you still have to go. An online business should tell the user exactly where they are at all times in the order process and how many steps is needed to reach their destination. If the user does not know where they are or what has to be done they will become confused and more importantly frustrated and leave the shopping basket. New ecommerce software makes it easy for you to set up these ordering steps, which is a major step forward as any online business needs to apply this to be a more user-friendly site.

Keeping users happy is one of the major problems an ecommerce solution faces, the happier the user, the more chance the odds of converting and getting the sale. Letting users know exactly where they are at all stages is a simple process and is incorporated in new ecommerce software. The 5 step simple procedure is usually login, delivery details, delivery options, payment options and confirmation. These steps should be clearly marked as a ‘breadcrumb trail’ at the top of the ordering process for the user to follow. If the user is a repeat customer then the process can be even shorter as their details should already be saved within your ecommerce software.

By telling the user where they are on your website they have a better understating of products and the ordering process and are more likely to convert as there is no need for them to go off the structured trail of the website. The more familiar the user is with ordering online then the more chances of that user converting. By providing a structured trail of events leading to the sale the user will have all the information they need and no need to search for it.

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