Tips To Know What Your Website Visitors Want to Read

Most websites are created simply to make money (shocking, I know)! Some websites strive to share information (at a cost); while others are created in order to help other people (at a cost). Very few websites are offering FREE information. If they do, they are usually plastered with pop-up ads or banner advertising. Everyone MUST make some sort of income – or out of business. So you really should not get upset at websites that are “charging” for information that you could, possibly with some effort, gather the same information. They have compiled the information for you so you do not have to do the research yourself. This is what you are paying for.

Information marketing is one of the largest niches of Internet Marketing. THIS REPORT is a form of “Information Marketing.” You are reading THIS REPORT because you want to know some “tips on what your website visitors want to read!”

Regardless of your reason for creating your website, you need to increase your readership. Increased readership equates to increase traffic, which then translates into the possibility of increased income. Either through direct sales or through banner type of advertising.

When you build a website, there is nothing as frustrating as a lack of visitors or too little readership – especially in blogging.

Whether you blog out of passion or just to make money, you need to increase the traffic of your website and get more followers. This can be made possible if you post what your followers want – and do it every time. That is, you do not just write random articles and poss on your blog. Doing this will only make your blog lack credibility, consistency, focus, and devoid of avid followers.

The question now is – How can you know what your website/ blog readers want? That is exactly the question this post is going to be answering in subsequent paragraphs.

1. Be Sensitive to The Needs of Your Readers: This is the best way to know what your readers really want. You need to be more sensitive about the type of post that usually brings more traffic to your blog. With this, you will know the exact type of post that your website visitors really like to read.

Also, take note of the number of the comments, likes and shares that a particular post has. Write something that is somehow related to the comments. Moreover, the kind of comments that your visitors make will also help you to know exactly what they want. You should always be sensitive to their comments, their use of words and especially their questions! You can make another post out of answering their questions!

2. Be Sure To Ask Them What They Want: Another sure way to know what your website/blog visitors want is by asking them directly. You can ask them in a particular post to make comments about the kind of information they would like to read in your next post. By so doing, those who need some knowledge about a particular topic will beg you to write on that topic. You can also send an email to all of your subscribers, asking them what kind of post they would like to have you answer. You may also ask them questions like this in the comment sections of your blog post.

3. Follow Industry Influencers: This is another good way of knowing what your visitors want to read. Make sure you are a follower of top blogs in your niche and see what their fans are asking about. You should read every one of their posts to know if you should write something similar for your followers as well.

You can also follow people who are movers and shakers in your niche. For example, entertainment bloggers need to follow top artistes to get gossip or news about them; Tech bloggers need to follow companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc. to get the latest information about their products so they can share the information with their readers.

4. Spy on Strong Competitors: Without competition, growth will be slow. If you have no competition in your niche and you have low readership and website visitors – it could be you are in a “dead” niche (one that has very little interest among the public). In order to be successful at blogging or in Internet Marketing, you must identify your competitors and use what they are doing to measure your level of growth.

Spy on your competitors – bud do not copy them! By discovering what your competitors are doing, you can get an idea of what trends your niche are currently moving into. Do not copy any of their strategies or work, but use them as inspiration to develop your articles, content and products to make your website and the information you provide unique and advanced.

5. Put yourself in your readers’ shoes: Since you are also a reader of other people’s blogs, it should not be difficult for you to put yourself in reader’s shoes. You should be able to find, on other niche leaders websites, something your readers will want to learn from you.

These tips are mere suggestions and based on personal experiences and experiences gathered from fellow bloggers and leaders in the Information Marketing niche. Knowledge is a continuous thing, so I want you to share your suggestions, personal knowledge and experiences with me as well.

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